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Mickey/Martha and Son? 
4th-May-2013 04:30 pm
Look at this Tweet from Freema as reported by a fan. What do you think?

6th-May-2013 12:45 am (UTC)
Here's a link to Freema's twitter feed.--I hope it works: https://twitter.com/FreemaOfficial

She says, on the day the photo was tweeted ; she's off to play with old friends. That could mean anything, especially as she's been in the states. Then she tweeted the picture. Then, for we Carrie fans she ponders which is weirder hanging out in the TARDIS or wearing Larissa's wardrobe.

I wish I knew the identity of the little boy. I'm pretty certain Noel's son is considerably younger than that young man as it seems Noel was tweeting about successful potty training and first sentences only about 2-3 years ago.

Was any of the 50th special shot in Edinburgh or is that Old Jack's Boat, or hopefully something new and unrelated to anything WHO, L&O., Feema was was up there working.

And she has a marvelous looking kitchen. I want it.

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