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all freema agyeman, all the time
6th-Sep-2013 09:41 pm - 23 Doctor Who Icons
ten as nine
Rose Tyler: 7
Tenth Doctor: 6
Ninth Doctor: 7
Martha Jones: 2
Ten/Rose: 1
Icon Count: 23

Here at hello_pond
14th-Aug-2013 10:25 am - "Hubby?"
Not into gossip but in a recent Tweet Freema referred to her partner Luke Roberts as "Hubby". Could she have wed secretly? If so, wishing them much happiness as a couple.
Freema and Carrie
We will enjoy more of Glam-Girl Ghanaian Princess Larissa on the Carrie Diaries Season Two Return For those of you who have not seen the show, Larissa told us a bit about her back-story: she is a Ghanaian royal family but fled when parents choose a mate and tried to marry her off at fifteen.

Also read all about it on Freema's Tweets!

Also here is a nice little article on what makes the Carrie Diaries a pleasure to watch.
4th-May-2013 04:30 pm - Mickey/Martha and Son?
Look at this Tweet from Freema as reported by a fan. What do you think?

She doesn't have a lot of lines, but the camera certainly loves her.

Thanks to Ibistar there are some delightful images of Freema as a magical mermaid on Old Jack's Boat in this Doctor Who LJ article.


Freema gets to chat with Carrie's Dad in the next Episode, and she was absolutely adorable.
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