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Jet Magazine is one of the oldest periodicals published by Americans of African descent in the USA. This is so cool. Hope to see Freema in Ebony or Essence; maybe an article about Britons of Color in acting who have crossed over to success in the USA. They can add fomer Who alumuni GuGu (Tish) and of course Noel Clarke who will be seen in the new Star Trek film.
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NY Post movie new article about Freema


Highlights in article:

No! [Laughs] No one in my family or my friend circle anywhere was in the acting business or anything to do with the industry whatsoever. I went to a very strict academic convent girls' school, and I was very into science and things like that when I was younger. And then I suddenly just went off on this tangent when I was 17 and I suddenly decided that I liked acting. But I also liked fine arts and English literature, so I would have gone and done any of them at a higher education level. I remember asking a career advisor, ""What should I do?"" and her advice was to apply to universities and see what happens. So I applied to either of the three at university, and I decided that fate would guide me. And it so happens that the theater studies or the acting degree application was responded to first, so I thought it was a sign. And I learned everything as I went. I got into it quite late. I'm enjoying it, but I'm very much learning as I go � and enjoying that, actually! But yeah, there wasn't anybody that I could use as a role model. And I certainly wasn't looking for somebody to introduce me to the city or introduce me to party scene because I wasn't that girl either. I was in further education as far as I could go, I never really went out, I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 19. So I'm probably more like a wide-eyed Carrie Bradshaw than I am like Larissa.

Dr. Who is such a different show and has such a large following; how do you think your fans from your past work will feel about this new role?

Again, because, as I say, I'm learning as I go along, having all these new experiences, it's really important to me to diversify a little bit as well. And it's never that I want to forget or distance myself from what came before, I love all of it and I'm extremely grateful because it brings me to the next place. I must admit, I did pilot season not really expecting this to all happen so quickly, and I'm still caught up in the whirlwind of it all and I feel really blessed and really lucky to be a part of this production and to have my first American outing. And so, for fans, I guess they will be surprised maybe by the change of direction � I went from Dr. Who to Law and Order and now to The Carrie Diaries � but I would never ignore or forget where I came from. So hopefully my Dr. Who fans won't feel that. I mean, I certainly will still go to conventions, I have one scheduled for February, and I've got some things for 50th Anniversary coming up that I'm involved in, so I'll always get back into that part of my life as well.
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